Maui Wowi Fan Mail

Here’s what some of our thousands of happy clients say about us. Have your own comment? Please send it to We’d love to hear from you.

Our event was a smash hit! The students have officially been bitten by the Maui Wowi bug and no other smoothie will ever compare.” 

– Amanda Matthews,
Bowling Green State University, OH

Maui Wowi is my go-to coffee bar and smoothie vendor. They never fail to impress with their amazing hot chocolate and coffee bar for winter events, and tropical smoothie bar for spring and summer events at our college. Students rave about their amazing flavors, and I am continuously impressed with their courteous, professional staff.”

– Nicole Luthman,
Coordinator of Student Events, Berkeley College, New York

I have worked with Maui Wowi for eight years and they have always gone above and beyond to ensure successful events. I trust them and know that if they are there my event will be a success. Maui Wowi is an amazing company that has been a pleasure to work with through the years.”

– Nicole Halton
Director, Corporate Events, ABC Television

Maui Wowi is a great resource for our events, making coffee and frozen drinks a turnkey option for our clients. They show up on time and with everything needed to provide their drinks at your event. The smoothies are always a big hit with our clients, especially the frozen cappuccinos. You can have the drinks served spiked with alcohol and they are always a refreshing addition to bar mitzvahs and corporate events.”

– Jessica Alton,
Thomas Preti Catering, New York

Maui Wowi has been a partner of NYFF for years. Whether we’re doing a corporate event or a bar mitzvah, we know we can count on Maui Wowi to be professional, on time and great to work with. Their smoothies and coffee drinks are outstanding.”

– Josh Glatt,
President, NYFF Events, New York

We have been using Maui Wowi for over five years for events. We continue to book them for events because they are so easy to work with, affordable, provide many delicious options, are flexible and most importantly are super-friendly with our students. Everyone one has a good time when Maui Wowi is part of the event. In fact, students have come to request them specifically. They say, ‘Are the smoothie guys going to be there?’ I am always happy to oblige their request.”

– Melanie Dorsey,
Director Of Student Life, Manhattan School of Music, New York

A BIG thanks for having your Maui Wowi tiki bar and drinks at our home shows. We have used you 10 times now and it is a HUGE hit. You draw a lot of attention to our booth and people look forward to it.”

– Mike Marks,
Owner, The Hot Tub Factory, Bohemia, NY

I love working with the team at Maui Wowi. Booking the date is seamless — phone calls and emails are answered promptly. The staff arrives on time and are always prepared, helpful and cheerful. Best of all, the smoothies taste good — the kids love them. They are a great addition to any event.”

– Jennifer Hershey,
Jennifer Hershey Events, Westport, CT

Maui Wowi is exactly what the name says, WOW! They are amazing to work with and the students just leave satisfied with tasting some of the best smoothies. I would definitely recommend working with this amazing company.”

– Kimberly Herrera,
Coordinator, Student Activities, Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, MD